Happy New Year !

I wish you all a wonderful year and may all your wishes come true and don’t forget to make this year a great one  for you and for those you love !

A little advice

You musn’t be sad,

You musn’t  be mad,

In this new year

Be happy, be grateful, don’t fear !

It’s a great chance,

To win and to share,

Make all your wishes become true

And take care of you ! 🙂


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Merry Christmas

I wish you all to have a wonderful Christmas,  full of ghifts,  love and understanding !

I dedicate you all Frank Sinatra’s song : Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


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Excelent interpretation and technique

I remained absolutely amazed when I saw Chopin Revolutionary study on youtube played like that :

Besides the fact that this study is hard played with hands, it is remarcable the fact that he played this study in an acceptable tempo and not with his hands only, but his feets ( because at the organ you are playing not only with your hands on the ” manual” – that’s the name of an organ clavier , but you are useing pedals that works like a clavier and you have also to pull the mecanism to fuel it with air ).  So, watch and be amazed !

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Sibiul ( Hermannstadt – the german name ) a place that deserve to be seen. Sibiu was  named in 2007 European Capital of Culture for the year 2007 .
It’s a beautiful place, with a boheme atmosphere, full of history, kind people and with a great museum : Brukenthal.pictures-119

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Great pianist

Yesterday I was at a brilliant piano concert at Philarmonic George Enescu, a concert conducted by Sabin Pautza with  Nelson Freire as soloist.

What could be more fabulous than Nelson Freire and Brahms ( he played  piano concerto no.1 ) ?  …Maybe Martha Argerich I would answer, but not in that night…she wasn’t there )

The contrasts between piano and forte, his way of playing : relaxed and sure of himself, with an attitude like  “everything was under control” and what made me even more happy was the fact that the played  as second bis, Brahms –   Intermezzo in A op. 118 , an intermezzo that I’ve played.

I enjoyed this concert a lot.  I’m waiting for the next one…

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My Peg

My beautiful dog 🙂 that has 13 years old…I have her since I was little, we grew up together, we take walks together, we run, we are having fun together, she’s playing with a ball that make sounds when she bites it and I’m playing piano, so we make a great band 😀
She is a daschund – the country of origin is Germany ( in USA are called sausage dog )
It’s a great experience to grew up with such a dog : brave, loyal, funny, playful, with strong will.

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Gaudeamus International Bargain

Gaudeamus igitur (lat.) – So, Enjoy

Gaudeamus International Bargain is held between 19 – 23 of november at Romexpo at it has joint about 400 publishing houses.

It’s the Heaven in there, for those who like to read a lot …you can’t leave the exhibition without buying a book. I’ve bought some specialized literature-law, but I saw some classics that I wanted to have: Machiavelli, Goethe, Kafka ( America ) .

If you love books you have a special invitation from me to go to Gaudeamus . You must find something that you like ! B-)

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What do you read most?

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Do you care?

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